Me and JamieAccording to my teenage daughter, only losers blog. AND I should never, ever, blog about her. (Oops.) What did she expect me to blog about? Crafts? Like what kind of glue to use with craft foam?

The thing about teenagers (at least teenage girls… I’m not so sure about the boys) is that they always have an opinion and they always share it with you. “Mom, you really shouldn’t go to sleep with your hair wet. The back dries weird.” I could have gone my whole life without ever worrying about the back of my head and she had to go and ruin it for me. Now, I have to worry about the front AND the back of my head. I still go to sleep with my hair wet but now I have to check to see how weird it dried.

My daughter is like the Simon Cowell of crafts. She doesn’t ever make any crafts but she takes one look at what I’m working on and knows exactly what’s wrong with it. “Mom, that would look sooo much better if you made it in pink and orange instead of blue and green.” The problem is that she’s usually right. Harsh, but right. Just like Simon.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. You too can be a loser… just like me. Ask you daughter.

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  1. Hi Terri, as a mother of four girls (one of whom is a teenager) and an avid crafter, I love your website. Looking forward to reading your blog too!

  2. I’m living the very same life with my 14 year old daughter! We do have a lot of laughs together though too,thankfully. Ya gotta love rollercoasters!

  3. Terri.. Love the badge in a bags, and also the making friends website. You make being a leader SOOO much easier.. Look forward to all the “new stuff”

  4. Welcome to the blogsphere, Terri. If bloggers are losers, there are an awful lot of out there! (Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I have a daughter who’s so like that already.)

  5. Hi Terri,
    I have a daughter, a son and 3 stepsons – let me tell you that the guys are very opinionated too. But, like the girls, they usually gave me good input too, like, “what are you going to do with ALL those angels?”. They’d come home from school and asked me “what are you making NOW?” They were all good about helping me at craft fairs etc. too. They are all grown and married now and I miss them. I’ve converted the boys room into my very own craft room. When someone comes, I can just close the door and hide my mess! I love your web site and have bought some of your crafts and used your suggestions.

  6. The moment I read that your teenage daughter had an opinion, I knew it was going to be a good blog. I have an almost 16YO of my own who is never shy about telling me what she thinks. Like when I framed the 8×10 picture I took of her on Homecoming. I woke up one morning with a piece of paper taped over the picture with a note telling me to take down the gross picture of her. So I welcome you with open arms and I eagerly await the next post.

    BTW – You’re making friends website was a tremendous help when I once was my daughter’s troop leader. 🙂

  7. I was kind of taken back by the title of your blog – Making Enemies – when I first saw it, I was like, that can’t be right – but I clicked it and there you are.

    I’ve been on both the boy and girl teenagers (I have a 23 year old son – so went through the teenage years with him a while back and a 16yo daughter (oy what a pain) and a 14yo son – he pretty much keeps to himself until his sister says something) and it is definitely a rollercoaster.

    I have used your website many times over for girl scouts as well as just general things for my daughter to do.

    Keep up the good work and we will see you in the postings – E 🙂

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  8. Hi Terri, I’m a craft-o-holic. Fortunately for me, my daughter is only 6 and still impressed with everything I do. ROFL!! I’ve been vising Making Friends a lot lately – my Daisies just bridged to Brownies and I’m planning our Try-it earning schedule. LOL Thanks for all you do and I’ll be back to read the blog. 🙂 Take care, Mere

  9. I really feel for you. My 13.75 yr old daughter was yelling at me for laughing at you as I read your blog about your teenage daughter telling you what not to do. Confusing…welcome to my world.

  10. Have to chuckle…I can hardly wait until I see some of the other things that you will experience as she grows older…I’ll be checking in so be careful what you say about your mother.

  11. Hi Terri, Cute blog. Remember me? Sandy Gerger. Happy to see your picture. You are the typical woman, we all catalogue what we don’t like about our faces, but you are attractive and don’t knock it!! Website looks good, happy to have worked with you. Any more cartooning needs let me know.

    I am having a tough time this week as the only daughter goes off to college on Thursday. Whatever it is you think drives you nuts right now, believe me, you’ll be wishing for it when she leaves! Enjoy the craziness!

    Sandy Gerger

  12. Hi Sandy,
    Glad to here from. Will send you an email regarding a possible job. Thanks for the reminder about teenagers. Mine is texting me endlessly to finish work and spend some time with her. Have to remember that it won’t last and take advantage of it now. Think I will head home.

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