The Chicken Story

The Chicken

When my daughter was seven years old, she and my husband went to Florida to stay at my in-laws for a week. It was not a good visit. My in-laws had no interest in varying their routine and my daughter was not comfortable in their house and had no idea how to occupy herself. My dear husband was clueless.

Jamie called me many times a day in distress. Food was the main problem. There was never enough or there was food she was not familiar with. One conversation went like this:

“Mom, we’re having something disgusting for dinner. Do I have to eat it?”

“What is it?” (My MIL is an old-school hard-core Italian cook. I’m thinking tripe or pig’s knuckles)

“I don’t know but it’s kinda white with bumps all over it and it’s the grossest thing I have ever seen”

“Put your father on”

“What’s up?” He asks (clueless, as usual, that there is a crisis).

“Jamie is tramatized about the dinner food.”

“The chicken?”


“Yeah, Grandma’s making roasted chicken.”

“Put Jamie on.”

“So I don’t have to eat it, right Mom?”

“Jamie, it’s roasted chicken just like we eat all the time.”

“But your’s isn’t disgusting like that.”

“Honey, mom buys it already cooked from the deli. Grandma is going to cook it herself.”

“Yuck, that’s what it looks like before they cook it? I’m never eating chicken again.”

4 thoughts on “The Chicken Story

  1. Can you imagine what she would have said if she had to experience wringing the chicken’s neck, dunking it in boiling water and plucking the feathers? We won’t even mention how that smells. Sorry if I upset those of you reading this who don’t know that this is what happens before the pristine packages arrive at your grocers shelf.

  2. That is priceless! I can’t say I blame her. I don’t cook whole chicken’s very often because I find it grosses me out too! If my kids ever saw the “before” I am sure they would have the same reaction!!

  3. Your daughter is so cute. I couldn’t cook the whole chicken too. We usually buy the whole kind from supermarket. And if we cook it by ourselves, we would mince the chicken into pieces. Simmering with potato is an usual cook method. You can try it next time. I belive your daughter will love it.

  4. I discovered this when I was looking for information on friendship bracelets and all I can say is that this is priceless!!!! My oldest boy went thru a phase when he was a vegetarian because his favorite cartoon character was and then he realized that food came from animals he went thru phase two of not eating animals (2 weeks). Last year, his teacher explained how chicken nuggets were all parts of chicken (or meat) and he would only eat Mc D’s [yeah, they’re natural]…lol But now at 9, he’s got it together and he eats us out of house and home again. I think I’ll be sticking with your blog for a while, you are pretty funny. I hope somewhere one here, you are going to teach about about friendship bracelets or beading, or I’m going to wonder how we met =D Just like every other chit chat I start in the market and Joann’s…

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