I wore pink to the Biker Expo.


Not sure what I was thinking. Guess I wasn’t. There I was… standing amidst a sea of black and chrome and suddenly it occurred to me… pink was a strange color choice to wear to the biker expo.

I expected to be the only one without a tattoo. I even expected to be the only with blond highlights but it never occurred to me that I would be the only one not wearing black. Could have gotten away with navy or brown but nooo… I decide to wear pink. There was one other person there in pink… my daughter.

As we walked proudly past the Hell’s Angels’ recruitment table, I thought to myself, “That’s right, you wear your colors and we’ll wear ours.”

I am such a rebel.

5 thoughts on “I wore pink to the Biker Expo.

  1. You make me laugh! But honestly, does the Hells Angels really have a recruitment booth?

  2. With my poor English, although I couldn’t understand the exactly meaning. Anyway, I like pink color.

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