Lottery Losers Might Just Be the Big Winners



New York’s Mega Millions is up to $325 million dollars. So I bought my ticket and then I had a “disagreement” with my husband about how to spend the money.  I felt that $325 million was just too decadant and hoped we wouldn’t win. He thought that was rediculous. But I’m not so sure. Don’t all the big winners get divorced? They buy a big house. The wife has an affair with the pool boy, the husband gets hair plugs and the kids become drug addicts. Right?

There is something about easy money that just brings out the worst in people.  Even the idea of so much easy money caused turmoil in my marriage. We were actually fighting about money we would never win… and we didn’t.

2 thoughts on “Lottery Losers Might Just Be the Big Winners

  1. OMG!!!!! Jeff and I had the same argument! I hoped we’d win the 5 numbers. Then we could get $200,000. More than enough to play with. If we won the big one we’d have to move and go into hiding! That totally freaked me out!!!! Jeff totally didn’t understand. MEN!!!!!!!!

  2. You mean buying your mother a new house all on one floor wasn’t the first item on your Lottery wish list? Don’t worry about winning the big one. It’s my turn to win.

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